5 Best Fall Wooden Leaves From Etsy
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5 Best Fall Wooden Leaves From Etsy

The shifting colors of the leaves in the fall are a beautiful sight to behold. But supposing you long to replicate part of autumn’s enchantment in your own dwelling? A wooden leaves set for autumn can be made with minimal effort and inexpensive supplies. This is a great do-it-yourself activity for a social gathering. These wooden leaves are a lovely accent for a mantel, table, wall, or even a front door. They will make your house feel more festive and welcoming.

1. Fall wooden leaves

Fall Wooden Leaves

These decorative wooden leaves are perfect for adding some fall warmth to your home. These leaves, painted in warm earth tones, are a lovely addition to any autumnal display. You may also use them to decorate a tiered dish.

The three leaves range in size from 4.5″ to 6″, and they are sold as a set. They will liven up your interior design with a splash of color.

Each leaf is given a weathered, vintage look by being painted, sanded, and stained. Keep in mind that because each leaf is manufactured individually, there will always be some little differences between them.

We have no doubt that you will find these tiny leaves irresistible.

These leaves, painted in warm earth tones, are a lovely addition to any autumnal display. You may also use them to decorate a tiered dish.

The leaves range in height from 3″ to 4 1/2″ and are sold in sets of three. They have been given a distressed paint job and wood stain. They will liven up your autumn decorations without breaking the bank.

A distressed, antique look is achieved by painting, sanding, and staining each individual component. Keep in mind that due to the handmade nature of each item, there may be subtle differences between them.

3. Rustic Wooden Fall Leaves

rustic wooden fall leaves

Three seasonal wooden leaves, set. Made by skilled hands from whitewood or pine. The average leaf size is 3.5 inches in height.

A thin layer of polycrylic is applied to each leaf after it is coloured.

The leaves for each plant are custom-made by hand. Orders typically ship within 7-10 days of being placed.

Each leaf is one of a kind and the wood it is made from may vary slightly in type, thickness, and character. It’s impossible to find two identical leaves in a tree.

4. Engraved Wooden Leaves

Engraved Wooden Leaves

Birch plywood with intricately etched natural leaf designs. Oak, birch, and maple variations are all on hand. The design is further enhanced by the elevated ridges.
Flat on one side. Perfect for decorating your home or for any other creative endeavor you can dream up.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: wood
  • Depth: 3 millimetres

5. Wooden Hanging Set of 10 Laser-Cut Fall Leaves

Leaves in the fall are perfect for: Fall Decorations, Halloween Decorations, and Thanksgiving Decorations.

Size (in inches): (0.25Thickness) BIRCH PLYWOOD.
Birch Plywood (1/4″ = 0.25″) is used to construct these. This is twice as thick as the standard Birch Plywood that is typically supplied by suppliers (1/8″ – 0.125″). Excellent Depth!!
A fine, even sheen can be found on birch plywood. It has a fine, even texture and a straight grain.
Unlike other plywood options, Birch Plywood has almost no visible flaws.


In conclusion, it’s a wonderful experience to bring the allure of autumn into the comfort of your own house. Making a collection of wooden leaves in honor of the autumn season is a fun and rewarding DIY project that may be enjoyed much more when done in community with friends and family. These wooden leaves make lovely decorations for shelves, tables, walls, and even front doors, adding a rustic yet refined touch to any room. With this cheap and easy DIY project, you can transform your home into a warm and inviting fall wonderland any time of the year.



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